Israel Professorship in Communication Science


Prof. Dr. Yossi David









My research and teaching focus on the ways in which social biases shape public opinion and behavior in Israel from a comparative perspective. I aim to explore how two central social factors—communication and social constructions—preserve, reinforce, and moderate public opinion and behavior. Throughout my work, I aim to understand the mechanisms by which individuals, social groups, and nations construct, preserve, and assemble public opinion and behavior in times of conflict and crisis (e.g., wartime, economic crises, or pandemics). My current work seeks first to map and examine the use of gender, sexual, and racial stereotypes in media coverage and then to explore the effects of such stereotypes on public opinion toward marginalized groups. It also comparatively tracks the ways in which stereotypes used in mainstream and social media describe individuals (e.g., political leaders) and groups (e.g., refugees, immigrants, or nations) in both Western countries and the Global South.


Underlying my research are two central research questions:

To what extent do communication and social biases preserve, reinforce, and moderate public opinion and social behavior?

What are the mechanisms underlying the effect of communication and social biases on social behavior?

To investigate these general questions, I study various topics and settings, for example:

Stereotypes & intergroup communication

Media, public opinion, and activism

Media, public opinion, and behavior during the COVID-19 infodemic



Teaching at the JGU



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