Publikationen von Dr. Yossi David

Doctoral Dissertation

David, Y. (2018). Gendering Political Conflict: Gender Perceptions and Public Opinion in the Israel-Palestinian Conflict. Supervisor: Prof. Ifat Maoz. Date: September 2018.


Articles in Refereed Journals

David, Y. (2021). Public opinion, media, and activism: The differentiating role of media use and perceptions of public opinion on political behavior. Social Movement Studies.

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Baden, C. & David, Y. (2018). On resonance: A study of culture-dependent reinterpretations of extremist violence in Israeli media discourse. Media Culture and Society, 40(4), 514–534.

David, Y., Hartal, G., & Pascar, L. (2018). The Right to Jerusalem: The Danger of Queer Safe Spaces. Borderlands E-journal, 17(1), 1-26.

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Chapters in Collections

Herzog, H., & David, Y. (2020). Protesters and voters: Gender and generation protests expression in 2013 election. In: Herzog, H., Shamir, M. and Chazan, N. (eds.). Jerusalem: Van Leer Jerusalem Institute. [Hebrew]

David, Y., & Sommerlad, E. (forthcoming). Media and Information in Times of Crisis: The Case of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Infodemic. In G. Andrews, V. Crooks, J. Pearce and J. Messina (Eds.), COVID-19 and Similar Futures: Geographical perspectives, issues and agendas. Berlin: Springer.