Beiträge auf Jahrestagung der ICA 2016

Auf der Jahrestagung der International Communication Association ICA vom 9.-13. Juni 2016 in Fukuoka (Japan) sind Forscherinnen und Forscher des Instituts für Publizistik mit insgesamt 17 Beiträgen vertreten:

  • Sabine Einwiller, Benno Viererbl & Sascha Himmelreich: The Role of User-Generated-Criticism in Mainstream Media Coverage: How Journalists Cover Online Firestorms.
  • Benjamin K. Johnson, Allison Eden, Leonard Reinecke: Self-Control and Need Satisfaction in Primetime: Television, Social Media, and Friends Can Enhance Regulatory Resources via Perceived Autonomy and Competence.
  • Hans Mathias Kepplinger & Senja Post: Effects of Scandals on Top Politicians.
  • Thomas Koch, Magdalena Obermaier & Claudia Riesmeyer: Powered by Public Relations? Journalists’ and PR Practitioners’ Perceptions of their Relationships and PR Influence.
  • Christina Köhler, Weber Mathias & Oliver Quiring: It’s not only the economy, stupid! It’s the media, too! Economic crisis, media coverage and public opinion on the EU.
  • Adrian Meier, Christine E. Meltzer & Leonard Reinecke: "Facebocrastination"? Predictors of Using Facebook for Procrastination and its Effects on Students’ Well-Being.
  • Philipp Müller, Josephine B. Schmitt, & Benjamin Krämer: Between Association and Dissociation: How Parents Influence Media Innovativeness at Later Life Stages.
  • Philipp Müller, Pascal Schneiders & Svenja Schäfer: Appetizer or Main Dish? Explaining the Use of Facebook News Content as a Substitute for Other News Sources.
  • Christina Peter, Adrian Meier & Thomas Koch: (Unintended) Effects of Pop Culture References on the Perception of Politicians.
  • Leonard Reinecke, Adrian Meier, Stefan Aufenanger, Manfred E. Beutel, Michael Dreier, Oliver Quiring, Birgit Stark, Klaus Wölfling, & Kai W. Müller: Permanently Online and Permanently Procrastinating? The Mediating Role of Internet Use for the Effects of Trait Procrastination on Psychological Well-Being.
  • Svenja Schäfer, Helmut Scherer: Why Self-disclosure despite Concern?
    Explaining the Privacy Paradox with gratifications, the Optimistic Bias and habitualization.
  • Christian Schemer, Stefan Geiss, Werner Wirth, Anna Baumert: The Impact of Advocacy, Contrast, and Attacks in Political Advertising and News Coverage on Political Efficacy: Evidence from a Panel Study in a Direct-democratic Campaign.
  • Anne Schulz, Martin Wettstein, Philipp Müller, Dominique Wirz, Christian Schemer, & Werner Wirth, W: News Media Use and Populist Attitudes: Is There an Unholy Alliance? (Vortrag auf der ICA-Preconference “Populism in, by, and against the Media”)
  • Michael Sülflow & Pablo B. Jost: Text, image or text and image? Comparing the effects of different presentation forms in news articles on the evaluation of politicians.
  • Michael Sülflow: Do facial expressions and gestures of politicians matter? A proposition for an experiment using eyetracking and RTR measurement to investigate the influence of nonverbal communication and methodological effects. (Beitrag auf der ICA-Preconference „Communicating the Power of Visuals”)
  • Mathias Weber, Christina Koehler & Anna Schnauber: Why should I help you? Man up!: Bystanders’ gender stereotypic perceptions of workplace cyberbullying.
  • Mathias Weber, Marc Ziegele & Anna Schnauber: Conflicting realities? How recipients react to discrepancies between media representations and personal experience.
  • Marc Ziegele & Pablo Jost: Not Funny! The Effects of Objective versus Humorous Journalistic Responses to Uncivil User Comments.

Wir freuen uns darauf, unsere Arbeiten dem internationalen Fachpublikum vorzustellen.